Choosing a Margin Tool

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Depending on your needs, CME Clearing has a margin tool for you.

Whether you prefer to access via a browser, API or downloadable software to run calculations locally, one of our three margin services will work for you. Compare our tool offering using the  matrix below to find the solution most suitable for your needs.

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Decided which tools and services will work best for you, contact:

CME Margin Services Team

  Margin Service (CME CORE) GUI Margin Service API Deployable Margin Software
Who should use this service? Customers
Clearing Members
Clearing Members
Service Providers
How can this service be used?      
Optimize portfolio and identify capital efficiencies between OTC products and futures.      
Gain insight into CME Group indicative margin levels across products.      
Download SPAN, Optimizer and Deployable Software.      
Integrate calculation capabilities with proprietary risk management systems.      
Run incremental margin analysis.      
Reconcile end-of-day margin requirements with CME Group.      
Analyze different portfolio strategies.      
Control performance, scalability and flexibility.      
Provide detailed reports for analyzing futures and options initial margin.      
How is this service provided? Web-based user interface, hosted by CME Group CME Group hosts margin calculations through REST API CME Group-provided software install
What products are supported? Futures and Options
Futures and Options