See CVOL Grids in action

Use CME Direct to access CVOL, the global volatility benchmark index, derived from the world’s most actively traded options on futures across major asset classes.

Existing CME Direct users can follow the steps below to instantly add CVOL Indices to your CME Direct layout.

Get started with CVOL on CME Direct

1. Right click the link below and save the .xml file to your computer (e.g. save to desktop).

2. In CME Direct, select import view in the main menu. 

3. Navigate to the CVOL file you just saved, select it, then click open. 

4. Your CVOL window will now appear in CME Direct. Click Menu, then “Save Window Layout” to ensure your CVOL grid persists next time you open CME Direct.

Please note: If CVOL data is not visible after the following these steps, please speak with your firm admin to ensure CVOL data has been enabled for your account. 

View CVOL analytics within CME Direct

CVOL Real-Time and End-of-Day analytics are available in CME Direct using QuikStrike. 

If you have a QuikStrike window open in CME Direct with “Follow Selected Item” checked, then the relevant analytics will automatically show when clicking on any of the CVOL Indices within the CVOL Grid. Alternatively, you can press the “QS” button next to each CVOL Index to open a separate QuikStrike window. 

To access additional CVOL analytics, including dashboard and tile views, click on “CVOL Dashboard” within the QuikStrike CVOL menu. 

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