Straight Through Processing (STP)

Experience the efficiency of our enhanced straight through processing solution, CME STP, to get real-time trade flow between your front and middle office and rest easy with automation tools that eliminate dual-keying and re-entry errors.

Key Benefits

  • Available in both FIXML and FIX formats across CME Group trading venues at no cost
  • Receive and see your broker bilateral trades over the same feed
  • Reduce dependency on end-of-day trade reconciliation and T+1 error correction with clearing members and brokers
  • Supports most CME Group and partner exchanges, and trading on CME Globex, CME Clearing and open outcry

CME STP Trade View

CME STP Trade View allows you to access your CME Group Cleared trades for all CME Group Exchanges and venues.

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Two Easy Options to Get Connected

Integrate directly via API or a third-party vendor 

Over 35 vendors are certified to connect to CME STP and can be found in our Technology Partner Services Directory.

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Develop and connect to CME STP

CME Group offers a fully supported test environment. Certification is required.

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CME STP Workflow

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