Why Trade FX Futures and Options

As capital becomes more constrained, we have seen more market participants exploring the value of cleared and listed FX futures and options both as a hedging tool and as a means of market exploration.

CME Group strives to ensure that our marketplace evolves to best suit the needs of a growing and increasingly diverse customer base, from retail traders in Japan to large financial institutions in Europe. We are developing more margin offsets across our FX and commodity suite of products to benefit our commercial customers, from China to Latin America.

Capitalize on the full value chain: every asset class and the ability to trade, clear and report the whole lifecycle, wherever you are in the world. 

Discover our FX Offering

Learn more about CME Group’s offering of FX futures and options, the largest regulated FX marketplace.

This video will cover: 

  • Our goals as your FX marketplace
  • Benefits of our electronic marketplace: orderly, transparent, anonymous
  • Reliable access
  • Executing the full trade lifestyle: trade, clear, report


History of FX Futures: How It Began

Learn more about how CME Group pioneered an opportunity for traders to manage financial risk with FX futures. By creating the International Monetary Market (IMM), CME Group created an independent division specifically designed to exclusively specialize in futures trade of instruments of finance. With the creation of a finance-centered, exchange the markets opened up to corporate treasurers, financiers, multinational corporations, pension fund managers, a whole array of financial decision-makers who most likely never before participated in futures markets

Read more about the history of FX futures at CME Group.

How It Works: The FX Delivery Process

FX futures contracts are available for physical delivery four times a year on the third Wednesday of March, June, September and December. Read about the FX futures delivery process, including the roles of CME Clearing and market participants, the duties and obligations of FX futures buyers and sellers, and the process of delivery.

Learn about the FX delivery process.

FX for Active Individual Traders

FX futures at CME Group are an efficient alternative to spot/cash markets. FX futures provide open and transparent market pricing, equal access to the best price and provides other key advantages over “private” deals in the spot/cash market. Learn more about how to use FX futures and why as well as how to get started in trading. 

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