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Option Contract Expiry Clearing/Globex/TT/Fidessa/FIS Refinitiv (Reuters) Bloomberg

AUD/USD Option

Monthly Options ADU 0#1ADU+ AUAA DAE
Weekly Mondays MA1-MA5 0#1MAW+ ARWA DA11-5
Weekly Tuesdays TA1-TA5 T1A1W-T1A5W TBLA DA21-DA26
Weekly Wednesdays WA1-WA5 0#1WASW+ WABA  
Weekly Thursdays SA1-SA5 S1A1W-S1A5W SDRA DA41-DA45
Weekly Fridays 1AD-5AD 0#1ADUW+ AUWA DA1-5

GBP/USD Option

Monthly Options GBU 0#1GBU+ BGAA BPE
Weekly Mondays MB1-MB5 0#1MBW+ BDWA BP11-5
Weekly Tuesdays TG1-TG5 T1G1W-T1G5W TBAA BP21-BP25
Weekly Wednesdays WG1-WG5 0#1WGW+ WLBA  
Weekly Thursdays SB1-SB5 S1B1W-S1B5W SDAA BP41-BP45
Weekly Fridays 1BP-5BP 0#1GBUW+ BGWA BP1-5

CAD/USD Option

Monthly Options CAU 0#1CHU+ UCDA CAE
Weekly Mondays MD1-MD5 0#1MDW+ CFWA CA11-5
Weekly Tuesdays TL1 - TL5 T1L1W-T1L5W TBBA CA21-CA25
Weekly Wednesdays WD1-WD5 0#1WDW+ WCBA  
Weekly Thursdays SD1-SD5 S1D1W-S1D5W SDBA CA41-CA45
Weekly Fridays 1CD-5CD 0#1CHUW+ UDWA CA1-5

EUR/USD Option

Monthly Options EUU 0#1EUU+ UEAA EUE
Weekly Mondays MO1-MO5 0#1MOW+ DZWA EUE11-5
Weekly Tuesdays TU1-TU5 T1U1W-T1U5W TBPA EUE21-EUE25
Weekly Wednesdays WE1-WE5 0#1WEW+ WEBA  
Weekly Thursdays SU1-SU5 S1U1W-S1U5W SDYA EUE41-EUE45
Weekly Fridays 1EU-5EU 0#1EUUW+ UAWA EUE1-5

JPY/USD Option

Monthly Options JPU 0#1JPU+ JADA JYE
Weekly Mondays MJ1-MJ5 0#1MJW+ JPWA JY11-5
Weekly Tuesdays TJ1-TJ5 T1J1W-T1J5W TBDA JY21-JY25
Weekly Wednesdays WJ1-WJ5 0#1WJW+ WJBA  
Weekly Thursdays SJ1-SJ5 S1J1W-S1J5W SDLA JY41-JY45
Weekly Fridays 1JY-5JY 0#1JPUW+ JAWA JY1-5

CHF/USD Option

Monthly Options CHU 0#1CHU+ SWBA SFA
Weekly Fridays 1SF-5SF 0#1CHUW+ SWWA SFA1-5
USD/CNH Option Monthly Options CNH CNH CHYA CNH
Weekly Fridays 1CN - 5CN CNH1W-CNH5W COYA CNH1-5

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