NYMEX Energy Products on Trayport

Trade NYMEX Energy products using Trayport Joule Direct

Use Trayport to access Energy products at NYMEX, the most extensive and liquid energy marketplace. To access NYMEX markets on Trayport Joule Direct contact energy@cmegroup.com or support@trayport.com.

Key Benefits


  • Execute block trades via your existing broker
  • Contact your clearing firm to view Henry Hub markets electronically

Direct access to key markets:

  •  US LNG Export (LNG) Physical ($MMBtu)

  • Henry Hub (HH) Financial ($MMBtu)
  • Henry Hub (NG) Physical ($MMBtu)
  • European Natural Gas (£/therm or €/MWh)
  • European Natural Gas ($/MMBtu)
  • LNG - JKM ($MMBtu)
  • International Coal ($/t)
  • European Power (€/MWh)
  • Japanese Power (JPY/KWh)
  • CBL Global Emissions Offset (GEO) futures 
  • CBL Nature-Based Global Emissions Offset (NGO) futures

CME Group offers customers:

  • Flexible market access
  • Real-time market data
  • Access to risk-management tools

How to Connect

1. Contact your Account Manager at Trayport.

Request access to the "live environment" for NYMEX Energy products

2. Complete the Universal Subscriber Agreement from Trayport.

  • This document includes your clearing firm information and must be returned to Trayport.
  • After the submission, you must then contact your clearing firm, who will contact Trayport. 

3. Upon approval, your clearing firm will give your traders access to the NYMEX Energy product suite.

(Trayport will confirm which traders should be enabled.) This includes required limits, iLink sessions, and so on.

4. Access NYMEX Energy products alongside other markets on Trayport Joule Direct.

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