Brent Crude Oil (Futures-Style Margin) Options BZO

With futures-style Brent options now available on NYMEX, you can trade the Brent options you know on the marketplace you trust.

A Primer on Margining Styles for Options

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  • Futures-style margined options premium is not paid until exercise or expiration
  • Margining style matches the prevailing Brent market convention
  • Fee waiver on BZO through the end of 2018
  • Further capital efficiencies for customers who trade energy products on NYMEX
  • Plain vanilla monthly option
  • American-style option
  • Exercises into BZ futures
  • Futures-style margining
  • 25 lot block threshold

Product Codes

  CME Globex CME ClearPort Bloomberg TT
Brent Crude Oil Futures-Style Margin Option BZO BZO BZI BZO

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