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Home to LIQUID, the leading auction platform technology
Elysian’s Liquid trading system is the leading trading, matching and auction platform used by the world’s largest Inter-Dealer Brokers, Exchanges, SEFs, MTFs and OTC trading venues to match orders in over-the-counter (OTC) markets, including interest rate derivatives, credit derivatives, fixed income and commodities.

Its highly customizable interface allows our customers to provide a tailored whitelabeled service to their clients. The LIQUID Trading Platform supports a diverse range of execution and trading protocols. Our versatile API makes for easy connectivity and data distribution, and a flexible approach to product pricing and duration ensures a best fit solution for all institutions.


  • Fully integrated, feature rich execution platform support
  • Choose your execution style: purely electronic, voice, or hybrid matching
  • Available for Central Limit Order Book, RFQ, Spot and Auction Trading Sessions and Assessment Windows
  • Intuitive look and feel: fully customizable front-end
  • Industrial strength, exchange-grade technology
  • Automation: Instantly automated trade details for both simple and complex strategies
  • Swiss army knife configurability and options to accommodate a diversity of market structures, conventions and trading protocols, ensures rapid launch and ongoing evolution with changing needs
  • API Connectivity: our FIX APIs enable systemic integration for order, trade, and market data across industry standard protocols

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