Oversight of the Cryptocurrency Pricing Products

An expert oversight committee is responsible for overseeing the scope of the reference rates by developing a code of conduct for the participants and regularly reviewing the practice, standards and definition of the reference rate to ensure it remains relevant and retains its integrity.

  Core Oversight Team Members

Gavin Lee
CME Group

Payal Shah
CME Group

Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Independent Expert

William J. Knottenbelt
Imperial College London

Max Boonen

Dr. Timo S. Schlaefer
Crypto Facilities Ltd.

Michael Moro
Genesis Global Trading

Whistleblowing and Complaints

Any complaints or whistleblowing concerns regarding the CME CF Indices may be submitted to: complaints@cfbenchmarks.com

All claims should include as much detail as possible about the concern to allow for a thorough investigation. Any investigation will be overseen by the CME CF Cryptocurrencies Oversight Committee.

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Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes