Completing Account Setup for Block Trades on CME Direct

Once you’ve completed the firm registration for CME Direct, the next step is to complete account set-up for Block Trades on CME Direct.

At the time of registration, at least one CME Group verification officer (VO) was established for your firm. We suggest you include your VO on all correspondence for approval. If you are unsure of your firm’s VO of record, contact CME Enterprise Application & System Entitlements (EASE) by phone or email.

  • You will need to work with your trade support staff, firm administrator and your FCM directly to set up registered accounts within the CME Account Manager tool.
    For each account, your FCM will need to: enable “All” or “Specific” products for trading in the account (if you know the CME ClearPort codes, it may help to provide those to ensure they have enabled the correct products).
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  • Your FCM will then need to setup overall “RAV” limits on each account and configure Long/Short limits (optional) per product. The values are set at the discretion of your firm and FCM.
  • Lastly, your FCM must add your Firm to the list of “selected” brokers eligible to execute blocks into this account as a counterparty to a Block Trade.

Once these steps have been completed, your executing broker will be able to select your firm and account as a counterparty within the CME Direct trade ticket.

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