Cleared OTC London Gold and Silver Forwards

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Credit risk mitigation for the London Gold and Silver Forwards market. Get counterparty credit risk mitigation services with CME Group's Cleared OTC London Gold and Silver Forwards. This service provides centralized clearing, settlement and delivery of unallocated gold and silver.

Key Service Features

  • Open trades are held on a gross basis at their original trade price.
  • Every open trade is marked from original trade price to the daily settlement price.
  • Contract sizes may be tailored out to three decimal places.
  • CME ClearPort takes away the burden and expense of documentation.
  • CME Clearing absorbs counterparty credit risk, lifting barriers to trading opportunity

Key Benefits

Mitigate counterparty credit risk.
CME ClearPort uses a central counterparty clearing model, where counterparty credit risk is shared among clearing members. The central clearing house guarantees the performance of every transaction and the security of every clearing member's customer.

Enhance efficiency.
Post-trade clearing and processing through CME ClearPort provides margin offsets, replaces the need for significant time and expense of documentation. It facilitates fair market valuations and netting of deliveries. Regardless of the number of transactions performed, positions are netted down and customers make or receive only one payment and one delivery per day.

Access independent, daily valuations.
CME ClearPort gives you access to neutral valuations and our daily mark-to-market process enables you to track positions accurately and assess risk.