About this report

In compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act, to reduce risk and increase transparency in derivatives markets, publically reported swap transaction and pricing data is accessible through CME Inc., operating under CME Repository Services, a CFTC-registered Swap Data Repository for credit and rates asset classes.

The swap transaction and pricing data is pushed to CMEGroup.com immediately upon receipt by the CME Repository Services, unless subject to a regulatory-required delay. All data will have the approved execution timestamp: dates are posted as dd-mm-year; times are given in 24-hour format Central Time. Data accessed via CMEGroup.com or RSS service is intended for direct public use. Vendors and other firms seeking to use the data for commercial or other business benefit delivered to clients beyond their own company must contact CME Group.

Public reporting on credit and interest rate swap transaction data will begin once the CFTC approves our SDR application and there are registered market participants with an obligation to report. We expect the CFTC to approve CME Repository Service as an SDR soon.