Delayed Quotes

  • Prices are delayed at least 10 minutes. Auto-refresh of quotes stops after 10 minutes of user inactivity. To restart auto-refresh, refresh the browser window or click on the word "OFF" to turn to "ON".
  • The Venue column designates whether the contract is traded on the CME Globex platform or in Open Outcry trading.
  • The Month column designates the month and year of the contract.
  • The Price column displays the most recent trade, better bid or ask price during the current trading day session. Prices appended with an "a" indicate an offer/ask price which occurred at or below the previous last. A "b" appended to the price indicates a bid which occurred at or above the previous last. Prices without either a "b" or "b" are traded values.
  • The Change column displays the change in price between the most recent "last" and the previous day's settlement price. Green text in the Change column indicates that the change is positive. Red text along with a (-) sign in the Change column indicates that the change is negative. If the current day's settlement price is the same as the previous day's price, a black zero is displayed. A dash indicates that the contract has not traded during the current (or most recent) session.