CME Group Supported Protocols and Browsers

CME Group is committed to our customers’ information security. To deliver the best security and customer experience, CME Group supports the following technology standards.


CME Group will only certify and support versions of Chrome and Microsoft Edge released in the most recent 12-month period for web-based applications and services.

Customers are encouraged to make sure they have upgraded to the latest versions of Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge for the best and most secure experience.

Operating System Browser
MS Windows, Apple OS X Google Chrome
MS Windows Microsoft Edge

Transport Layer Security

The minimum supported version of Transport Layer Security (TLS)  for all CME Group services is TLS 1.2.

Affected CME Group Services

  • All CME Direct Services
  • All CME STP Services
  • All Services accessed via the CME Customer Center
  • All Deal Management System Services
  • Risk Management GUI and API Tools
  • Account Manager
  • AutoCert+
  • Broker to Broker
  • Broker Payment System (BPS)
  • C21 Services
  • Clearing Firm Contact System (FCS)
  • Clearing House Spot Call Deliveries System
  • ClearPort GUI and API
  • ClearView
  • CME Core
  • CME Group Login
  • CoLo Portal - Internet Explorer Only
  • Deliveries Plus System
  • Distributed Positions
  • E-Bill
  • E-quotes
  • Enterprise Reporting Portal (EREP)
  • Exchange Fee System (EFS)
  • FEC, FEC+ and FEC for OTC IRS
  • Firm Admin Dashboard (FADB)
  • Firm Regulatory Portal
  • FirmSoft
  • Give-Up Payment System (GPS)
  • Global Repository Services
  • Membership Portal
  • Positions Systems
  • Registrar Reporting System (RRS)
  • Settlements Firm