The (Daily) Weekly Option Report User Guide


A daily overview of Weekly option open interest, open interest change and volume activity. Data will be displayed for any product that has weekly options with open interest. An empty chart will be shown for products with weekly options and no current open interest while an empty message will show for products with no current weekly option offering.

Sample Report

1. Product Group and Product Selection

Clicking on the current product group or the arrow next to the current product group will display a dropdown with all the product groups that are currently available in QuikStrike. After selecting a group, all products for that group will be displayed in the horizontal menu next to the blue product group selector. If a product contains CSOs (calendar spread options), APOs (average price options) and/or product spreads (like WTI/Brent), those products will be listed separately under the CSOs or Exotics section of each menu column.

2. PDF Generation and Help Buttons

Clicking the PDF icon will show two options for printing the current page information - Portrait or Landscape. The recommended print format for this report (greatest resolution, etc.) is Portrait.

The help (question mark) button will show markers on key areas of the report with a short title or description of function or data displayed.

3. Open Interest Message

Displays the greatest change in open interest across the entire product.

4. Trade Date

Displays the most recent trade date with data available (this will more than likely be the last active trade date).

5. Weekly Chart

The stacked bar chart displays total open interest for all weekly options listed for selected product. An empty chart will be displayed if there are weekly options available but there is presently no open interest in any strikes. If no weekly options exist for a product, an empty message will be shown. Volume is listed in the mini-chart below open interest.

6. Top 5 Most Actives Table

Expiration summary tables and the top 5 change in open interest strike rankings are shown for each expiration.

Note: A light blue highlight on a strike row indicates the at-the-money (ATM) strike.