Most Active Strikes

An interactive options analytics tool where users can view open interest, open interest change and volume activity detailing the most active strikes by calls, puts and combined calls and puts. Report displays the Top 20 (default) in rank order including all expirations available for the currently selected product.

Product groups can be selected by clicking on the blue “Products” menu item located on the top left section of the tool. Individual products within the selected group are then displayed on the horizontal light grey menu directly to the right of the Products menu. To view multiple products at the same time, click the “Product Filter” button located in the top center of tool.

For a quick overview of the current page’s functionality, click the small question mark (?) icon on the top right section of the tool (located to the right of the print as PDF button). This will display helper tooltips noting some of the key areas on the page. Click the Download User Guide link to open a more comprehensive help document.

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