• Amendments to Delivery Procedures for Live Cattle Futures

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      • 01 June 2015
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      • 16 June 2015
    • Effective Tuesday, June 16, 2015, pending all CFTC regulatory review periods, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (“CME” or “Exchange”) will amend CME Rule 10104.C (“Demand Notice) in connection with submitting demand notices used in the assignment of delivery intentions for the Live Cattle futures contract (Rulebook chapter: 101; Clearing Code: LC; CME Open Outcry Code: LC; CME Globex Code: LE; CME ClearPort Code: 48). These amendments will be effective commencing with the August 2015 contract month and beyond.

      The amended rules are as follows (additions underlined):

      Chapter 101

       Live Cattle Futures



      10104.C. Demand Notice

      A clearing member representing a long may present a Demand Notice for the purpose of securing priority in the assignment of a Certificate of Delivery. The following rules govern Demand Notices:

      1. The Demand Notice shall be presented to the Clearing House (on a form prescribed by the Clearing House) by 5:00 p.m. on any Business Day on which Certificates are tendered or retendered.

      2. The Demand Notice shall specify: the date the long position was established, the buyer's choice (if any) for delivery points, the buyer's choice (if any) for the gender of the cattle and the minimum amount of accrued retender changes acceptable to the buyer.

      3. A Certificate assigned to a Demand Notice may not be retendered.

      4. A Demand Notice which is not assigned a Certificate on the day of presentment is void.

      10104.F. Assignment of Certificates

      The Clearing House shall assign Certificates and notify the clearing member representing the long on the day of tender or retender. Assignments shall be made in the following order:

      1. Newly-tendered Certificates and retendered Certificates shall be assigned to Demand Notices which specify delivery points, gender and retender charges which match those of the Certificate. In the case of duplication, the Certificate shall be assigned to the Demand Notice submitted by the long with the oldest long position. In the case of Demand Notices with long positions established on the same date, the time the Demand Notice was submitted to the Clearing House will determine priority.

      2. Retendered Certificates which have not been assigned to Demand Notices will be assigned to Reclaim Notices, if any.

      3. Retendered Certificates and newly-tendered Certificates which have not been demanded or reclaimed will be assigned to long positions by matching the Certificates having the largest retender charges with the oldest long positions.

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