• Recording Requirements on the Chicago and New York Trading Floors

      • To
      • Members, Member Firms and Market Users
      • From
      • Market Regulation Department
      • #
      • SER-7024
      • Notice Date
      • 21 February 2014
      • Effective Date
      • 21 February 2014

      As previously notified in CME Group Special Executive Reports S-6957 and S-7006 from December 11, 2013, and January 23, 2014, respectively, CME Group will NO LONGER offer recording services for telephones located in booths on the trading floors as of March 21, 2014.

      As of December 21, 2013, CME Group stopped accepting new orders for voice recording services for any Exchange-installed telephones located in the booths on the trading floors in Chicago and New York.

      As previously notified, all affected market participants who need to have lines in booths recorded in order to comply with revised CFTC Regulation 1.35 must make arrangements to have recording equipment installed or receive services from a third party recording service by that date. CME Group will retain all recordings of booth floor lines currently being recorded by CME Group for a minimum of one year past the date on which the recordings are made.

      The CME Group Telecommunications Department will continue to assist all members and member firms with the transition, which will include facilitating the installation of firm-owned recording equipment on or near the trading floors and firm owned VOIP turrets where necessary. A list of third-party recording vendors appears on the next page.

      Telephonic Devices Used in and around Trading Pits on the Trading Floor

      CME Group will continue to require that all Exchange-issued telephonic devices, including wired and wireless headsets, used in and around trading pits on the trading floors in Chicago and New York be recorded. CME Group will extend the retention period for recordings conducted on the Exchange administered voice recording system to one year past the date on which the recordings are made from the current 10 business day period.

      Chicago – Third Party Recording Vendor Contacts

      Market Com                                                        Cross Check

      Ted Valavanis 312.474.6097                                 Catherine Oliven 312.898.2000

      tvalavanis@marletcommunications.net                     coliven@crosscheckcom.com

      New York – Third Party Recording Vendor Contacts

      Market Communications                                        Speakerbus

      Michael Sheehan 212.803.5810                             Nicole D’Antuono 646.289.4722

      msheehan@marketcommunications.net                  nicole.dantuono@speakerbus.com

      Etrali Trading Solutions                                         Wesley Clover Solutions

      Eric Barret 212.593.3838                                     Terry Lida 212.561.1324

      eric.barret@etrali.com                                          terry@wesleycloversolutions.com


      Steve McDonnell 646.290.7157


      CME Group Telecommunications Department Contacts:

      Chicago                                                             New York

      Peter Fitzgerald, Director Telecommunications         Robert Del Terzo, Dir., Telecommunications

      312.435.3533                                                    212.299.2266

      Peter.Fitzgerald@cmegroup.com                           Bob.DelTerzo@cmegroup.com

      Maureen Ferriter, Mgr., Telecommunications           Robert Mendez, Mgr., Telecommunications

      312.347.4925                                                    212.299.2963

      Maureen.Ferriter@cmegroup.com                          Robert.Mendez@cmegroup.com

      CME Group Market Regulation Department Contacts:

      Chicago                                                              New York

      Robert Sniegowski, Senior Director                         Wayne Karnatz, Manager

      312.341.5991                                                     212.299.2913

      Robert.Sniegowski@cmegroup.com                        Wayne.Karnatz@cmegroup