• Changes to CME Rule 256A01.C. on Price Increments for Options on Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar (“MXN/USD”) Futures

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      • 06 June 2013
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      • 30 June 2013
    • The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc. (“CME” or “Exchange”) is amending the trading rules and regulations of options on Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar (“MXN/USD”) futures to reduce the tick size from $0.000025 per Mexican peso ($12.50 per tick) to $0.0000125 per Mexican peso ($6.25 per tick).
      These modifications will become effective on Sunday, June 30, 2013 for trade date Monday, July 1, 2013. CME will apply these amendments to all option expiries as of the effective date.
      Attachment 1 summarizes revised CME Rule 256A01.C.
      MXN/USD options are listed by and subject to the rules of CME.
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      Attachment 1
      Revised Rules to
      Options on Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar (“MXN/USD”) Futures
      Chapter 256A: Options on Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar (“MXN/USD”) Futures
      256A01.C.       Price Increments
      The price of an option shall be quoted in U.S. dollars per Mexican peso. Each $.0000125 per Mexican peso (one and one-quarter points) shall represent $6.25. For example, a quote of .0008875 represents an option price of $443.75 (88.75 points x $5.00 per point). The minimum fluctuations shall be one and one-quarter points.