• Declaration of Force Majeure: Gold, Platinum and Palladium Approved Depository

      • To
      • Members, Member Firms and Market Users
      • From
      • Market Regulation Department
      • #
      • SER-6476
      • Notice Date
      • 26 November 2012
      • Effective Date
      • 26 November 2012
    • Pursuant to NYMEX & COMEX Rule 7B01 (“Declarations of Force Majeure”), the Exchanges are hereby declaring a condition of force majeure at Manfra, Tordella and Brooks (“MTB”) precious metals depository located in New York, effective immediately. MTB depository has operational limitations from the east coast storm and will not be able to load out metals at their facility until operations have been restored.
      1. Current outstanding warrants will continue to be deliverable through all relevant delivery periods while the declaration of force majeure is in effect.
      2. If the holder of the outstanding warrant choses to take load out during this period, MTB must provide the holder with gold, platinum or palladium at the designated approved depository listed below with compensation to be made to the warrant holder for any additional costs due to loading out at the designated approved depository.  MTB will make gold, platinum and palladium available at the following approved depository:
      ·         Brinks, Inc., New York.
      ·         MTB contact information regarding load outs and questions:
      Andres Blanco – 212.981.4516 - ABlanco@MTBCoins.com
      Chris Magier – 212.981.4522 -  Chris Magier@MTBCoins.com
      Michael Schickler – 212.981.4518 - MSchickler@MTBCoins.com
      Raymond Nessim – 212.981.4520 - RNessim@MTBCoins.com
      This condition of force majeure will remain in effect until further notice from the Exchanges.
      Questions regarding this matter may be directed to the following individuals in the Registrar’s Office:
      Kim Riordan at 312.341.3370 (kimberly.riordan@cmegroup.com)
      Terry Gehring at 312.435.3644 (terry.gehring@cmegroup.com)
      For Media inquiries concerning this Special Executive Report, please contact CME Group Corporate Communication at 312.930.3434 or news@cmegroup.com.