• Large Trader Requirement, All Month/Any One Month Accountability Levels, Expiration Month Position Limit, and Diminishing Balances and Aggregation Allocations for a New Petroleum Swap Futures Contract

      • To
      • Members, Member Firms and Market Users
      • From
      • Market Regulation Department
      • #
      • SER-5585
      • Notice Date
      • 28 January 2011
      • Effective Date
      • 28 January 2011
    • In connection with the launch of a new Northwest Europe petroleum BALMO swap futures contract on trade date February 7, 2011, please note below the corresponding all month/any one month accountability levels (NYMEX Rule 560), expiration month position limit (NYMEX Rule 559), reportable level (NYMEX Rule 561), and diminishing balances and aggregation allocations for the new contract.  This contract will be added to the Position Limit, Position Accountability and Reportable Level Table located in the Interpretations and Special Notices Section of Chapter 5 of the NYMEX Rulebook.  The commodity code is provided for the Clearing Members that file reports pursuant to NYMEX Rule 561.A in a machine-readable format. 


      Contract related questions can be directed to Glenn Hofferber, Associate Director, Market Surveillance, at 212.299.2884, and Ryne Toscano, Supervisor, Market Surveillance, at 212.299.2879.


      (Bold/underlining indicates additions)


      Contract Name

      Rule Chap-ter

      Com-modity Code

      Diminish-ing Balances Contracts

      All Month Account-ability Level

      Any One Month Account-ability Level

      Expira-tion Month Limit

      Report-ing Level

      Aggre-gate Into (1)

      Aggre- gate Into (2)

      Rule 560

      Rule 560

      Rule 559

      Rule 561





















      Northwest Europe











      1% Fuel Oil Barges FOB Rdam vs. 1% Fuel Oil (Platts) Cargoes FOB NWE BALMO Swap Futures




      1,500/ 1,500

      1,500/ 1,500

      150/ 150