• Amendment to Final Settlement Rule for U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot Rolled Coil Steel Index Futures Contract Listed on CME ClearPort and the NYMEX Trading Floor

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      • SER-5577
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      • 18 January 2011
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      • 19 January 2011
    • Please be advised that effective Wednesday, January 19, 2011, the final settlement rule (Rulebook Chapter: 920.07) for the U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot Rolled Coil Steel Index Futures will be amended to further clarify current final settlement methodology for the contract. The rule amendment is provided below in blackline format.

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      920.07             Final Settlement

      Delivery under the contract shall be by cash settlement. Final settlement, following termination of the trading for a contract month, will be based on the Floating Price. The final settlement price will be the Floating Price calculated for each contract month rounded to the nearest $1.00/short ton.


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