• Copper Warehouse Storage Rate Change – Edgemere Terminals, Inc.

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      • 28 April 2009
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      • 01 August 2009
    • Effective August 1, 2009, CME Group will implement new storage and handling charges for copper deliverable against the COMEX Division Grade 1 Copper futures contract stored or handled at Edgemere Terminals, Inc.


      New Rates and Charges for Copper Stored and Handled by Edgemere Terminals, Inc.


      Edgemere Terminals, Inc., an Exchange Licensed Warehouse for the storage and handling of copper deliverable against the COMEX Copper futures contract, has provided the following changes for the storage and handling of copper.  This new rate will become effective on August 1, 2009, and is the maximum amount that will be charged.  All other charges for the handling and storage of copper remain unchanged.





      Edgemere Terminals, Inc.                                                    Effective: August 1, 2009



      Storage Charge per Short Ton per Month:                                               $7.25        

      Handling In per Short Ton:                                                                        $0.00

      Handling Out per Short Ton:                                                                   $28.00



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