• Delisting of Exchange Licensed Aluminum Warehouse – Cottonwood Distribution Services, Inc.

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      • SER-4851
      • Notice Date
      • 23 April 2009
      • Effective Date
      • 22 April 2009
    • Effective April 22, 2009, CME Group implemented amendments to the COMEX Division Aluminum Futures Contract Supplement No. 2, “Licensed Warehouses for Aluminum.” – Amendment with respect to the delisting of Cottonwood Distribution Services, Inc.



      Cottonwood Distribution Services, Inc. Facility in Memphis, Tennessee Delisting



      Cottonwood Distribution Services, Inc. has notified the Exchange that its facility located at 185 W. Industrial Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee is no longer available for the storage of Aluminum deliverable against the Exchange’s Aluminum Futures contract.  The Exchange received notification that Cottonwood Distribution Services, Inc. was merged into Stellar Distribution Services, Inc. and no longer exists as an entity. 



      Please view the amendments on page two of this notice with additions to the supplements underscored and the deletions overstruck.  The delisting of Cottonwood Distribution Services, Inc. as an Exchange Licensed Warehouse for Aluminum became effective Wednesday, April 22, 2009.



      Please refer questions on this subject to:



      Market Regulation:

      Melissa Hubley             melissa.hubley@cmegroup.com                    312.435.3595



      Energy & Metals Research:

      Joann Arena                 joann.arena@cmegroup.com                         212.299.2356




      Supplements Amended as of April 22, 2009








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