• Application for Rough Rice Regularity

      • From
      • Registrar's Office
      • #
      • MKR01-30-14
      • Notice Date
      • 30 January 2014
      • Effective Date
      • 30 January 2014
    • DATE:            January 30, 2014
      MKR#:           01-30-14
      SUBJECT:   Application for Rough Rice Regularity
      Notice is hereby given that Ritter Grain Services has applied for regularity for Rough Rice at a location in Otwell, AR. The requested storage capacity (in hundredweights) and maximum allowable receipts if the request is approved is as follows:
                     Maximum               Requested           
                              Elevator                           Capacity                    Receipts    
                              Otwell, AR                        1,592,000                      796               
      This location is currently under license and regularity for Harvest Rice Inc.  If this application is approved, Ritter Grain Services would assume all storage obligations under this approval including outstanding warehouse receipts. Harvest Rice Inc. would decrease their regularity in conjunction with this approval.  Such assumption of storage obligations is permissible under the United States Warehouse Act and the process is monitored and approved by the USDA Farm Services Agency. 
      There are currently 31 registered receipts outstanding at this facility.
      Please refer questions on this subject to:
      Market Surveillance
      Terry Gehring                            Terry.Gehring@cmegroup.com               (312) 435-3644