• Trading Locations of Intermarket Spreads

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      • Members, Member Firms and Market Users
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      • Market Regulation Department
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      • CBOT RA1002-1
      • Notice Date
      • 01 April 2010
      • Effective Date
      • 01 April 2010
    • This Advisory Notice supersedes CBOT Market Regulation Advisory Notice RA0806-1 from February 15, 2008.  It is being reissued based on a change to the location for trading intermarket spreads in the Soybean/Soybean Meal/Soybean Oil complex.  The new location is the bridge between the Soybean Oil and Soybean Meal pits, and the change is effective immediately.


      Please note that the following intermarket spreads may be executed on the trading floor only by eligible members.  These spreads may be traded only in the designated areas and must be reported to the appropriate Trading Floor Operations staff. 



      Spread                                                                        Trading/Reporting Location

      Fed Funds/2-Year Note                                                   Fed Funds pit

      2-Year Note/T-Bond                                                        2-Year Note pit

      2-Year Note/10-Year Note                                               2-Year Note pit

      2-Year Note/5-Year Note                                                 2-Year Note pit

      5-Year Note/T-Bond                                                        5-Year Note pit

      5-Year Note/10-Year Note                                               5-Year Note pit

      10-Year Note/T-Bond                                                      10-Year Note pit

      5/10/30-Year Swaps/any Treasury Future1                        Swaps pit

      5/10/30-Year Swaps/Fed Funds                                       Swaps pit


      Spread                                                                           Trading/Reporting Location

      Options/Underlying future                                                          Relevant options pit

      T-Bond Options/any Treasury Future[1]                                       T-Bond Options pit       

      10-Year Note Options/any Treasury Future1                                10-Year Options pit

      10-Year Note Options/T-Bond Options                                        10-Year Options pit

      5-Year Note Options/any Treasury Future1                                  5-Year Options pit

      5-Year Note Options/10-Year Note Options                                 5-Year Options pit

                  5-Year Note Options/T-Bond Options                                          5-Year Options pit

                  2-Year Note Options/any Treasury Future1                                  2-Year Options pit

      2-Year Note Options/5-Year Note Options                                   2-Year Options pit


      [1] Treasury Futures include 30-Year T-Bonds, 10-Year Notes, 5-Year Notes and 2-Year Notes.  Under a pilot program, spreads involving the Ultra T-Bond contract may take place from any location within the treasury pit.



      Spread                                                Trading/Reporting Location

      Soybean Crush                                     Bridge between Oil/Meal pits (report in Oil)

      Meal/Oil                                                Bridge between Oil/Meal pits (report in Oil)

      Soybeans/Meal                                     Bridge between Oil/Meal pits (report in Oil)

      Soybeans/Oil                                        Bridge between Oil/Meal pits (report in Oil)

      Meal/Corn                                                                     Meal pit


      Spread                                                                        Trading/Reporting Location

      Corn/Soybeans                                                                        Soybean pit

      Wheat/Soybeans                                                                      Wheat pit

      Wheat/Corn                                                                              Oat pit

      Wheat/Oats                                                                              Oat pit

      Corn/Oats                                                                                 Oat pit

      Soybeans/Mini Soybeans                                                          Soybean pit

      Corn/Mini Corn                                                                          Corn pit

      Wheat/Mini Wheat                                                                      Wheat pit


      Spread                                                                           Trading/Reporting Location

      Bean Options/Meal Options/Oil Options                                     Meal/Oil Options pit

      Meal Options/Oil Options                                                           Meal/Oil Options pit

      Soybean Options/Corn Options                                                 Soybean Options pit

      Wheat Options/Corn Options                                                     Wheat Options pit

      Wheat Options/Soybean Options                                               Wheat Options pit

      Oil Options/Soybean Options                                                    Oil Options pit

      Meal Options/Soybean Options                                                 Meal Options pit

      Meal Options/Corn Options                                                        Meal Options pit

      Oat Options/Corn Options                                                         Oat Options pit



      Questions regarding this advisory may be directed to the following individuals:

      Robert Boruski, Associate Director, Trading Floor Operations, 312.347.5427

      Erin Schwartz, Rules & Regulatory Outreach, Market Regulation, 312.341.3083


      For media inquiries concerning this Advisory Notice, please contact CME Group Corporate Communications at 312.930.3434 or news@cmegroup.com.