• NYMEX ITC 2.1 Conversion - Contingency Fallback Plan

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      • Q2009-220
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      • 01 October 2009
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      • 02 November 2009
    • As we move towards the November 2, 2009 date for the migration of COMEX market data to the CME version of ITC 2.1, CME Group is taking the appropriate precautionary steps in developing a contingency plan in case of an emergency fallback. 


      If for some reason, we need to switch back to the NYMEX version of ITC 2.1, we will immediately send an Alert Notice letting you know that this will be happening in a given timeframe (e.g. at 8:00 a.m. Central Time – giving vendors a ten-minute window) and provide you with a conference bridge number to call in to if you have any questions.


      As part of this plan, we ask that you keep the current COMEX floor channel 45 up and available for a two-week period.  If we have to go back to the NYMEX version of ITC, we will send data down the old/current channel 45.  We would also give you notice when we are ready to switch back to the CME version of ITC and the new COMEX channel 245.


      The same plan will be in place for the NYMEX migration to the CME version of ITC 2.1 on November 9, 2009.


      For questions, please email mdo@cmegroup.com


      Thank you.