• Upcoming CME Globex Equity Futures Enhancements

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      • Q2009-168
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      • 06 August 2009
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      • 04 October 2009
    • In the second half of 2009, several enhancements will be introduced for CME and CBOT Equity futures and future spreads on CME Globex. These enhancements will result in reduced message response times.  Already among the fastest in the industry, the enhancements are expected to reduce response times by 20 - 40% for CBOT Equity futures, and 40-50% for CME Equity futures.



      Please Note: As a result of the reduced message response times, MDP bandwidth utilization in these futures markets may ultimately increase by as much as 20%.



      Equity Futures Enhancements Launch Schedule

      Futures Product Complex

      New Release Launch

      Mock Trading Session

      Production Launch

      CBOT Equity Futures

      Available now

      Saturday, August 22

      Sunday, August 30

      CME Equity Futures

      Monday, August 3

      Saturday, September 26

      Sunday, October 4



      The messaging and functionality impacts are documented online in the Client System Impact Equity Futures Enhancements.



      Please contact Market Data Operations (MDO) at mdo@cmegroup.com, if you have any questions concerning this notice.