• Current Quote Vendor MDP Bandwidth Recommendations - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

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      • Market Data Distributors
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      • Market Data Operations
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      • Q2008-067
      • Notice Date
      • 02 April 2008
      • Effective Date
      • 02 April 2008
    • During the CBOT migration planning-phase last year, we studied MDP bandwidth projections for the dissemination of RLC and ITC 2 messages for CME, CBOT NYMEX data. We subsequently asked our vendors to make an assessment of the amount of data they expected to receive via the MDP, during and post migration, and to determine their bandwidth requirements related to handling the increased MDP traffic. Our recommendation at the time had been to install at least one pair of 40 MB circuits to handle both ITC 2 and RLC messages, and if need be, two pairs of 40 MB circuits.
      Now that we are past the migration, and based on recent spikes in the amount of market data and volatility, here are our updated recommendations:
      ·          For Quote Vendors taking both ITC and RLC messages, it is strongly recommended that you order a second pair of 40 MB circuits, as soon as possible. This should prevent any issues with inbound message traffic and will also facilitate your conversion to FIX/FAST.
      NOTE: The deadline for conversion to FIX/FAST for RLC users is October 17, 2008
      ·          Investigate taking either the RLC or ITC 2 data format for CME Globex ® options, instead of using both data formats for the same top of book data (Options market data is only 1 level deep for RLC and ITC data formats). 
      Please contact mdo@cmegroup.com if you have any questions concerning this notice.
      Thank you.