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      • 22 January 2008
    • Starting Tuesday, January 22, 2008, the new CME Group web site will be available.


      To assist our Quote Vendors with navigating the new site, the following are some helpful tips on where and how you can locate key information.


      Contract Information



      To locate information such as Contract Specifications, Quotes and Charts, Snapshots, Listings and Expirations and general contract information (resources), simply follow these steps:


      ·          Click on Products and Trading listed under the Topics and Information section on the left-hand side of the screen. A list of all CME and CBOT product categories will display.

      ·          Click on the product category for which you need information, and the corresponding page will display.

      ·          Go the desired product category, and click on the arrow to the right of “select a product.”

      ·          Highlight the product name, then click-on “Go.” The Product Overview page will display. 

      ·          Click on the appropriate category of information desired, e.g., futures or options, then, contract specifications, listings and expirations, etc.      


      Daily Bulletin and Other Historical Data



      To access historical data in a variety of report formats, such as Daily Bulletins, Volume Analysis, Monthly Volume, Daily Settlements and Time and Sales:


      ·          Click on Tools and Information from the Topics and Information section. The Resources page will display.

      ·          Go to the “Customizable Market Data Reports” section, and click on the category of report you want to view/print. The options listed are: Daily Bulletin, Daily Settlement, Time & Sales and Monthly Volume. The Build a Report page will display.

      ·          Go to the “Choose a Report” section, click on the right arrow, and highlight the report you would like to view/print.

      ·          Go to the “Report Parameters” section, and enter the selection criteria for your report in the following fields:

      o         Asset Class Totals

      o         Product Name

      o         Date From

      o         To

      ·          Click on “Create Report.”



      Market Data Operations Advisory Notices



      To obtain copies of previously published Market Data Operations notices:


      ·          Click on Tools and Information from the Topics and Information section.  The Resources page will display.

      ·          Go to the “Search, Browse, Lookup” section, and click on Advisory Notice.

      ·          Select both the From and To Dates for the either the exact date or period during which the notice(s) was published.

      ·          Select Market Data.

      ·          From the Topics section, highlight the advisory topic.

      ·          Click on “FIND.”


      Information About CME Group Market Data Platform, Distribution Choices, etc.



      To obtain information concerning the MDP, market data distribution choices, forms, FAQs and CME On-line reporting:


      ·          Click on Market Data Services from the Topics and Information section. A list of 3 selection items will display: Quotes and Charts, Datamine/Historical Data and Information for Distributors.   

      ·          Click on Information for Distributors, which will display the Overview page.

      ·          Click on the “Read More” option listed for each of the following to access the desired information:   

      o         CME Group Market Data Platform

      o         Distribution Choices

      o         Forms and FAQs

      o         CME On-Line Web-Reporting


      Other Helpful Information


      To access other helpful information, such as the CME Group Calendar, rules, newsletters, etc., click on Tools and Information from the Topics and Information section. The Resources page will display.    

      ·          Select from one of the following pages depending on the data you need:

      o         Search, Browse, Lookup -- View rules, notices, reports, news releases, etc.

      o         Trading Resources -- Look up publications, codes, etc.

      o         Calendar -- Access the Holiday Calendar

      o         Sign up -- Stay in touch with the markets via product newsletters, updates and advisories.

      o         Customer Service -- Contact CME Group with questions.   


      If you have any problems navigating the site starting Tuesday, January 22, 2008, please contact MarketData.Ops@cmegroup.com Thank you!