• CBOT Metals Migration to CME Market Data Platform

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      • Market Data Distributors
      • From
      • Market Data Operations
      • #
      • Q2008-009
      • Notice Date
      • 24 January 2008
      • Effective Date
      • 01 February 2008
    • CME Group has determined that in the interests of saving quote vendor connection costs, CBOT metals will be migrated to the CME Market Data Platform at the end of February 2008 (specific date to be determined). As a result, all CBOT customers with BT Radianz connections to the CBOT network should terminate those connections by February 29, 2008 .

      The MDP will support two channels for CBOT metals -- one will support top of book, and the other depth of market, both in the CBOT flavor of the ITC 2.1 specification . Channel definitions, IP addresses and Port information will be distributed as soon as they are available.

      In addition, all Open Auction (floor-traded) Metals will be delisted, effective January 18, 2008 .

      For assistance with disconnecting BT Radianz circuits, please contact Lakisha Speights at 312.338.7110, or email cbotvendorsupport@cmegroup.com.