• DataPoint Password Re-Set and Access Changes

      • To
      • CME DataPoint Users
      • From
      • Information Products Management
      • #
      • 20110812
      • Notice Date
      • 12 August 2011
    • The CME Group will be performing a system upgrade on CME DataPoint and its related systems this weekend, August 12th -14th. As of Monday, August 15th, your CME DataPoint password will be re-set. Your new password will be the same as your current Portal password. Going forward the two passwords will be linked; you will have a single ID and Password to log in to both the CME Connect Portal and CME DataPoint.

      DataPoint will be temporarily unavailable during this upgrade window, and will be accessible again on the 15th. DataPoint will retain all current functionality, and will still be accessible via the CME Connect Portal at https://connect.cmegroup.com/.

      If you have forgotten your Portal password, or are having password problems when attempting to log in to CME DataPoint or the Connect Portal, please email firmsupport@cmegroup.com or call 312-930-3444 Ext 2

      If you have any questions related to this change please contact us at datapoint@cmegroup.com or call us at 312-634-8395. As always, for any additional market data questions please email us at marketdata@cmegroup.com.