• CME ETR - Billing Advisory

      • #
      • ETR-05-13-14
      • Notice Date
      • 13 May 2014
      • Effective Date
      • 13 May 2014
    • This Advisory is to inform clients of important updates to the forthcoming CME European Trade Repository (ETR) billing process, and to request client VAT numbers.

      Invoices to commence in June 2014

      CME ETR will now commence billing for trade submissions in June 2014. As a result, the February, March, April and May invoices will be sent in June 2014, after which regular monthly Invoices will continue from July 2014.

      VAT numbers required per Billing Entity

      All invoices will be sent including VAT. If your firm is subject to VAT, please send your VAT and legal entity name used for the CME ETR User Agreement to CME ETR Client Services at - RepositorySupport@cmegroup.com by Friday 16th May 2014.

      Billing Recipient

      As requested during the previous Billing Advisory from CME ETR, all invoices will be electronically sent to the Verification Officer, as listed in Schedule A of the ETR Agreement. If the Verification Officer is not the correct contact to receive the invoices, please fill out the Billing Change Form, found here: http://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/files/sdr-billing-form.pdf.zip and send back to CME ETR via the ‘Send’ button on the form.

      Billing Policy Document

      And finally, CME ETR have attached the CME ETR Billing Policy Document to this advisory. This document breaks down the fees and policies outlined in the current fee schedule, found here: http://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/files/cme-etr-fee-structure.pdf.

      Please contact repositorysupport@cmegroup.com with any questions.

      Many thanks, CME ETR Client Services

      ETR Billing Policy