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      • 02 January 2008
    • In accordance with Rules 26102D, 27102D, 28102D and 30102D, the following daily price limit levels will be in effect for all CBOT® Dow Jones Industrial Averagesm Index (DJIAsm) (mini-sized, $10 and $25) contracts and CBOT Dow Jonessm US Real Estate Index (DJUSRE) contracts beginning with the JANUARY 2, 2008 trading day. (All levels are shown in index points.) 

      Price Limit Levels For All CBOT DJIASM and DJUSRE CONTRACTS 

      10% = 1,350, 20% = 2,700, 30% = 4,000. 

        The 10%, 20% and 30% limits will be in effect, in coordination with the established securities market “circuit breaker” program, during CBOT “regular trading hours” as defined in the above-referenced rules.  (i.e., Beginning with the opening time of open outcry trading in DJIA futures and ending with the later of the time of the close of open outcry trading or the conclusion of any daytime electronic trading session that is part of the same trading day). 

      The 10% limits will be in effect, above and below the previous day’s settlement price, during CBOT non-regular trading hours. NOTE: As previously announced, the overnight (Electronic Trading Hours) price limits for the Dow Jones Index contracts will change from the current 10% to 5% beginning Sunday, January 13, 2008 (for trade date Monday, January 14, 2008). This change is part of the harmonized CME Group provisions being implemented in connection with the migration of the Dow Jones Index contracts to CME Globex®.  

      Questions in this regard may be directed to Lucy Wang, Corporate Development, at 312-648-5478.