• Revised Last Trade and Final Settlement Dates for Cash-Settled Dairy Futures and Options

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      • 20120221
      • Notice Date
      • 21 February 2012

      Effective February 26 (trade date February 27), the Last Trade Date (LTD) and Final Settlement dates will be modified for the following cash-settled dairy futures and options.

      As a result, this Friday, February 24, all Good till Cancel (GTC) and Good till Date (GTD) orders in the cash-settled dairy futures and options markets will be cancelled for all April maturities and beyond. Customers may re-enter orders during the normal pre-open on Sunday, February 26.

      Cash-Settled Dairy Futures and Options

      Product tag 1151-SecurityGroup tag 55-Symbol
      Class III Milk Futures DC DC
      Class III Milk Options DC A6
      Class IV Milk Futures GDK DC
      Class IV Milk Options GDK D8
      Nonfat Dry Milk Futures GNF DC
      Nonfat Dry Milk Options GNF N7
      Dry Whey Futures DY DY
      Dry Whey Options DY Y0
      Cash-Settled Butter Futures CB CB
      Cash-Settled Butter Options CB C0
      Cash-Settled Cheese Futures CSC DY
      Cash-Settled Cheese Options CSC CQ