• Update! FIX/FAST 2.0 Launch

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      • CME Globex Customers
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      • CME Global Account Management
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      • 20100202
      • Notice Date
      • 02 February 2010
    • Update! FIX/FAST 2.0 Launch

      Please note that the Client Impact Assessment has been updated with a changed deployment approach. CME Group recommends all customers review the  updated version.

      In addition, based on customer feedback, the launch schedule for FIX/FAST 2.0-format market data has been revised as follows to allow additional testing time:

      • Saturday, April 24 Saturday, April 10 – New templates deployed in Production
      • Saturdays, May 1 and 8 Saturday, April 17 and 24 – Mock sessions with the five channels that will be in production parallel
      • Sunday, May 9 Sunday, April 25 – Production launch of five new parallel market data channels in FIX/FAST 2.0.
        • New multicast IPs and ports are required to access the new channels
        • The existing FIX/FAST 1.6 channels will not be affected
      • Sunday, June 6 Sunday, May 9 – FIX/FAST 1.6 market data will no longer be broadcast. All FIX/FAST market data will be available exclusively in version 2.0

      This launch introduces a number of customer-requested enhancements to support trading and market data strategies. The FIX/FAST 2.0 format is not backward-compatible to the current FIX/FAST format. Even if a customer does not want to take advantage of these enhancements, to ensure uninterrupted access to CME Globex market data, all current customer systems are required to develop to FIX/FAST 2.0 and complete mandatory certification via AutoCert+.

      The new AutoCert+ test suite for FIX/FAST 2.0 contains four tests focused on:

      • Multiple book depth per channel
      • Product statistics reset process
      • Mid-week User-Defined Spread (UDS) deletions
      • Recovery process

      CME Group strongly recommends all systems test thoroughly in New Release prior to attempting AutoCert+ certification.

      FIX/FAST 2.0 is currently available for customer testing in the New Release environment.

      Updated information on this release, including launch and mock trading dates, can be found online in the  FIX/FAST 2.0 Client Impact Assessment.