• Sixth Annual Futures Industry Disaster Recovery Test

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      • 21 October 2009
    • Sixth Annual Futures Industry Disaster Recovery Test

      The FIA and participating exchange and clearinghouse organizations will coordinate the sixth annual futures industry disaster recovery test this Saturday, October 24, 2009. The FIA test is open to all members of the exchanges regardless of membership in the FIA. We look forward to having your participation in this year's test, as we build off our prior collaborative success.

      Please note: because the FIA test is intended to mimic a catastrophic Chicago failure, LNet and Jackson Direct connectivity will be unavailable. One of each paired CME DIRECTLink and hub connections will be available, since those connections go through telecom carrier clouds.

      As a reminder, CME Group recommends LNet and Jackson Direct customers maintain redundant site connectivity as the best way to protect both CME Group and customers from a potential single-site failure.

      More information on this test is available on the  FIA web site. The CME Group test script is also available  online.

      Please contact the  CME Group Business Continuity team with any questions or concerns.