• CME Globex Notices: March 9, 2009

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      • CME Globex Customers
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      • CME Globex Account Management
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      • 20090309
      • Notice Date
      • 09 March 2009
    • Topics in this issue include:
      Critical System Updates
      New Functionality
      Product Launches
      Product Changes
      Events and Announcements

      Critical System Updates

      Critical CME Globex Updates

      As announced last week in   CME Clearing Advisory 08-419, the CME Clearing enhancements to support the 20byte FIX tag 11-ClOrdID, tag 78-NoAlloc and tag 79-AllocAccount have been moved to this Sunday, March 15 (trade date Monday, March 16). More details on these CME Clearing enhancements is available below.

      FIX tag 11-ClOrdID & Clearing Messages
      In the iLink enhancements, FIX tag 11-ClOrdID was reduced to 20bytes and now the full 20bytes are returned to the trader. However, clearing applications and messaging, including FEC, will not support the 20byte tag 11 until this Sunday, March 15. Until this date, customers must ensure that the last five bytes are unique to allow end-to-end reconciliation.

      tag 78-NoAlloc and tag 79-AllocAccount
      tag 78-NoAlloc and tag 79-AllocAccount were added to CME Globex iLink messaging last weekend to allow customers to identify account numbers for give-up trades, in addition to identifying the give-up firm via the existing tags tag 9708-CmtaGiveupCD=GU and tag 9707-GiveUpFirm. CME Clearing will not be able to process these additional tags until this Sunday, March 15. CME Group recommends customers not use the new tags 78 and 79 until March 15.

      Update Market Depth Change to 10-Deep for Futures
      Effective Sunday, March 22, 2009 (trade date Monday, March 23), CME Globex will begin a phased implementation of 10-deep books for futures market data via FIX/FAST on the Market Data Platform. Currently, CME Globex supports a maximum 5-deep book. This launch will impact all client systems because all systems must process all 10 levels, even if you choose to display 5-deep order books.

      This functionality will be introduced per product complex as follows:

      Sunday, March 22
      CBOT Commodity futures (channel 111)
      CBOT Equity Index futures (channel 113)
      Sunday, March 29
      CBOT Interest Rate futures (channel 115)
      Sunday, April 5
      NYMEX and COMEX futures (channels 30, 31, 32)

      There is no change for implied market data book depth.

      New mock trading sessions have been added to better support customer testing.

      Date and Time Product Complex Market Data Platform Channels
      Saturday, March 21, 9-10 a.m. CT CBOT Commodity futures
      CBOT Equity futures
      Saturday, March 28, 9-10 a.m. CT CBOT Interest Rate futures 115
      Saturday, April 4, 9-10 a.m. CT NYMEX and COMEX futures 30, 31, 32

      10-deep FIX/FAST market data will be broadcast at production levels for all products on the listed channels. CME Group strongly recommends participants also test the market recovery snapshots to ensure there is no negative system impact to recovery. Participants may also submit orders via iLink

      FirmSoft will not be available, and price banding and limits will not be in effect.

      CME Globex Control Center support will be available for mock participants at 312.456.2391. Customers are encouraged to dial into the teleconference for information related to the mock trading session at 866.548.4703 or 719.785.9423, passcode 584529.

      Customers are required to register by noon of the preceding Friday to participate in these mock trading sessions via your  CME Globex Account Manager.

      Please note: customers should not make any changes to resting GTC/GTD orders during the mock session.

      More details on this launch and the required customer development is available online in the  Client Impact Assessment.

      The 10-deep futures order book are now available in New Release for customer testing.

      Legacy MO.dat File Elimination 
      Effective Sunday, March 29, 2009, the MO.dat file, previously used with the legacy RLC market data format to obtain instrument definitions, will no longer be available.

      All customer systems should use the FIX/FAST Security Definition (tag 35-MsgType=d) messages to populate their instrument databases. The Security Definition message contains all the necessary instrument characteristics and are broadcast at startup and upon mid-week instrument creation on the market data incremental channels; they are always available in a replay loop on the Instrument Definition feeds. Because the messages are segregated by channel (exchange, product complex and instrument type), customers can connect and download only those channels in which they are interested. For more information on FIX/FAST and Security Definition messages, please see the  FIX/FAST Software Development Kit.

      Please note: to ensure customer systems have the most current instruments, CME Group recommends all customers purge and re-load their instrument databases from the Security Definition market data messages every week.

      Please contact  CSET for more info at 312.930-2322.

      Elimination of Exchange-Defined Options Strategies on CME Globex
      CMEG currently prelists approximately 360,000 options spreads per week, known as Exchange-Defined Spreads (EDS). Less than 1% of the more than 360,000 EDS have activity. Due to customer and system provider demand, CMEG has chosen to remove all EDS and make all option strategies user defined. A User-Defined Spread (UDS) is an option spread that a trader creates by defining the spread's legs and ratios. CME Globex receives these legs and creates a tradable instrument that is disseminated to the entire market. If the created spread matches a known CMEG spread type (e.g., straddle), CME Globex will properly identify the spread as that type.

      The decommission of CMEG options EDS will happen on the following timeline:

      22 March

      • CMEG will delist all FX options EDS from CME Globex except:
        • AUD/USD (tag 1151-SecurityGroup=6A)
        • CAD/USD (tag 1151=6C)
        • GBP/USD (tag 1151=6B)
        • EUR/USD (tag 1151=6E)
        • JPY/USD (tag 1151=6J)
        • CHF/USD (tag 1151=6S)
        • All volatility-quoted FX options strategies
      • CMEG will delist all Dairy options EDS from CME Globex except:
        • Dry Whey (tag 1151=DY)
        • Class III Milk (tag 1151=DC)
      • Currently available in New Release

      19 April

      • CMEG will harmonize the recognized option spread types (e.g., horizontal, butterfly, etc) across all product complexes. All customer-created UDS that match a CME Globex-recognized spread type will be identified as that strategy type in the Security Definition message (tag 35-MsgType=d, tag 762-SecuritySubType), regardless of the product complex.
      • For a list of all CMEG recognized spreads, see the  Electronic Trading Concepts.
      • This will be introduced into New Release on Monday, March 23

      2 August

      • CMEG will add the following recognized UDS spread types: Jelly Roll, Iron Butterfly, Guts, 3-way Straddle vs. Call, and 3-way Straddle vs. Put
      • CMEG will no longer pre-list any options spreads. Existing EDS will be removed, and no new EDS will be added. All option spreads must be created by traders using their trading software’s UDS functionality.
      • All system providers that support option spreads must have developed to the UDS functionality properly identifying UDS' that match CMEG recognized spread types
      • This will be introduced into New Release Monday, April 20

      Please note: the following exclusions to the spread type harmonization apply:

      • Horizontal and Diagonal spreads (tag 762=HO) will continue as today, because they are defined specifically to their product complex
      • Conditional Curve (tag 762=CC) will only be available for Eurodollar options
      • FX volatility-quoted options will not be affected by this change

      The following resources are available for UDS functionality:

      FIX/FAST Enhancements

      Effective Sunday, April 19, 2009 (trade date Monday, April 20), the FIX/FAST Security State (tag 35-MsgType=f) message will be enhanced to provide more detailed information on the market state of an instrument, and the Security Definition (tag 35=d) message will be enhanced to explicitly identify outright and implied book depth.

      Please note: the current template for the Security State message in New Release has the wrong name (MDSecurityStatus). The name will be corrected to MDSecurityStatus_76 on Sunday, March 22. Please upload the template again on March 22 to ensure you have the correct template name for testing.

      More details on this launch and the required customer development is available online in the  Client Impact Assessment.

      The enhancements for the Security Definition (35=d) and Security State (35=f) messages are currently available for testing in New Release.

      New Functionality

      FIX tag 969-MinPriceIncrement Change for VTT-Eligible Options
      For all Variable Tick Table (VTT)-eligible options on futures instruments, currently tag 969-MinPriceIncrement in the Security Definition message (tag 35-MsgType=d) shows the value "0". Effective Sunday, March 22 (trade date Monday, March 23), tag 969 for VTT-eligible options on futures instruments will not be included in the Security Definition message. tag 969 is currently not included on Security Definition messages for VTT-eligible futures.

      This change is currently available for customer testing for all options markets in New Release.

      Interest Rate Options Pre-Open
      Effective Sunday, April 5 (trade date Monday, April 6), CME Group is introducing a pre-open market state for all CME and CBOT Interest Rate options on CME Globex. Currently, only futures markets on CME Globex have a pre-open market state.

      The pre-open market state is a predetermined time before the trading session opens when customers can begin entering, modifying and canceling orders for the following trading day.

      The pre-open schedule for the Interest Rate options will match the schedules for their underlying futures.

      The pre-open market state for all Interest Rate options are currently available for customer testing in New Release.

      Variable Quantity Products
      Effective Sunday, April 26, 2009 (trade date Monday, April 27), the FIX/FAST Security Definition message (tag 35-MsgType=d) will be enhanced to support the upcoming launch of variable quantity energy products on CME Globex. These products have a fixed contract size and a multiplier, which is applied to the number of lots traded to calculate the total Cleared Quantity. The Cleared Quantity varies within a product based upon the instrument's maturity.

       Client Impact Assessment is available online that details the FIX/FAST messaging impacts and order entry display considerations to support these new products.

      The following products are now available for customer testing in New Release:

      Please note: these products are for testing purposes only. The list of variable quantity products launching for trading on Sunday, May 10 (trade date Monday, May 11) will be published in an upcoming CME Globex Notice.

      With this launch, the new tag 996-UnitofMeasure will be populated with a unit of measure for the contract size for all outright instruments listed on CME Globex.

      The test products and enhanced Security Definition messages are now available for customer testing in New Release.

      Product Launches

      Forex E-micro Futures
      Effective Sunday, March 22 (Monday, March 23), Forex E-micro futures and calendar spreads will be listed for trading on the CME Globex platform.

      The Forex E-Micros are a series of innovative smaller-sized FX contracts, designed to enable retail traders and investors to cost-effectively access the security, transparency and liquidity of CME Group's FX products. The Forex E-micro contracts will be one-tenth the size of the corresponding CME FX contracts, making them accessible to active individual traders, small Commodity Trading Advisers (CTAs), and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

      More information on these new FX futures is available  online.

      Forex E-micro Futures

      Product tag 1151-SecurityGroup tag 55-Symbol
      AUD/USD M6A 6A
      EUR/USD M6E 6E
      GBP/USD M6B 6B
      USD/CAD M6C 6C
      USD/CHF M6S 6S
      USD/JPY M6J 6J

      These futures and calendar spreads are currently available for customer testing in the New Release environment.

      3-Year U.S. Treasury Note Futures and Spreads
      Effective Sunday, March 22 (trade date Monday, March 23), 3-Year U.S. Treasury Note futures and spreads will be launched on the CME Globex platform.

      The launch of 3-Year U.S. Treasury Note futures creates a new marketplace for managing the interest rate exposure associated with the 3-year sector of the U.S. Treasury yield curve, and should have a significant impact on the strategies of market participants around the world.

      Calendar, butterfly and condor spreads and futures strips will also be listed with this launch. In addition, CME Group will be listing four new Treasury implied intercommodity spreads:

      • 2-Year Treasury Note Future vs. 3-Year Treasury Note Future
      • 3-Year Treasury Note Future vs. 5-Year Treasury Note Future
      • 3-Year Treasury Note Future vs. 10-Year Treasury Note Future
      • 3-Year Treasury Note Future vs. 30-Year Treasury Bond Future

      3-Year U.S. Treasury Note Futures & Spreads

      Product tag 1151-SecurityGroup tag 55-Symbol
      3-Year U.S. Treasury Note future Z3N ZB
      2-Year U.S. Treasury Note vs. 3-Year Treasury Note TYT ##-## MY
      3-Year U.S. Treasury Note vs. 5-Year U.S. Treasury Note TOF ##-## MY
      3-Year U.S. Treasury Note vs. 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note TUN ##-## MY
      3-Year U.S. Treasury Note vs. 30-Year U.S. Treasury Bond TOB ##-## MY

      Where ##-## indicates the leg ratios and MY indicates the maturity month and year.

      These products are currently available for customer testing in New Release.

      Product Changes

      NEW Request for Cross for CBOT Interest Rate Options
      Effective Sunday, March 29, 2009 (trade date Monday, March 30), Request for Cross (RFC) functionality will be introduced on CME Globex for all CBOT Interest Rate options on futures.

      More information on RFC functionality is available in the  Options module of the iLink SDK.

      This change is intended to enhance the execution options of market participants while standardizing trading rules across all interest rate products listed on CME Globex.

      The associated changes to CBOT Rule 539 ("Prearranged, Pre-Negotiated and Noncompetitive Trades Prohibited") are outlined in  SER-4829.

      RFC functionality for all CBOT Interest Rate options will be available for customer testing in New Release this Monday, March 16.

      NEW Expansion of Listings for Yen-denominated Nikkei 225 Futures
      Effective Sunday, April 5 (trade date Monday, April 6), CME Group will expand the listing of yen-denominated Nikkei 225 futures by adding seven more quarterly contract months, for a total of 12 quarterly contracts. Currently, only five quarterly contracts are listed.

      This change will make the contract listings at CME Group consistent with the expanded contract listings recently announced at the Singapore Exchange (SGX), and preserve customers’ ability to capitalize on the Mutual Offset System (MOS) agreement between CME and SGX. The MOS arrangement gives customers in different time zones the flexibility to clear yen-denominated Nikkei 225 futures at either exchange, for greater trading access and convenience.

      There is no change at this time to the listing rules for the serial contracts or to the listing rules for USD-denominated Nikkei 225 futures.

      The additional quarterly yen-denominated futures will be available in New Release for customer testing Monday, March 23.

      Events & Announcements

      NEW New Maintenance Schedule for New Release and Certification Environments
      Effective Monday, March 16, the regularly scheduled maintenance windows in both the New Release and Certification environment will be moved to 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. CT Mondays. Currently, the maintenance windows for these environments are on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. This change will provide better customer service and more testing environment availability during the week.

      Details on the Certification and New Release environments and availability are online in the  Certification and New Release Environments Overview.

      CME Globex Disaster Recovery Test
      CME Group is committed to the protection of its members, employees and stakeholders and has a long history of successfully managing risk. In keeping with those traditions, CME Group has a comprehensive business continuity program in place.

      Twice a year CME Group offers Simulated CME Globex DR testing and the next such test is scheduled for this Saturday, March 14.

      The Simulated CME Globex DR testing is designed to ensure that customers can successfully failover to the DR environment, send orders and fallback to the production environment in case of an emergency. Customers are required to register  online and in advance to participate. Disaster Recovery IPs and ports have been distributed by your CME Globex Account Manager.

      Complete information on the CME Group business continuity program, including upcoming test dates, is available  online. CME Group encourages all directly connected customers to review the  DR Client Impact Assessment.

      For more detailed information on the Simulated CME Globex DR testing, please contact your CME Globex Account Manager.