• Eurodollar Options Strategies on CME Globex

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      • 30 April 2008
    • Eurodollar Options Strategies on CME Globex

      Due to the growth in the number of options instruments listed on the CME Globex platform, and in response to customers' requests to reduce the large number of options instruments to download and manage, CME Group is accelerating the previously announced change to the Eurodollar options strategies instrument management. Previously scheduled for Sunday, May 18, this change will now take effect this Sunday, May 4.

      With this change, CME Group will eliminate strategies that, due to market movement, are outside the listing range. Currently, all strategies once listed are maintained through to expiration regardless of market activity.

      This is the process currently in place for Equity options strategies. The new elimination process only applies to Eurodollar options strategies; there is no change for option outrights, futures or future spreads.

      Any orders submitted for an eliminated strategy instrument will be rejected by CME Globex.

      Customers can use User-Defined Spreads (UDS) functionality to create and trade any desired options strategy. Please contact your front-end system provider for more information.

      CME Group recommends all customers purge and re-load their instrument databases weekly from the FIX/FAST Security Definition or RLC Instrument Creation (MO) market data messages every week. There is no impact for customers who follow this recommendation; by completing a weekly refresh you will capture the current listed instruments. Please contact your front-end system provider for more information.

      This change is currently implemented in New Release.