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      • CME 10-06921
      • Effective Date
      • 23 April 2010

      On April 23, 2010, CME Group's Market Regulation Department, through its Chief Regulatory Officer, summarily denied Carmine Garofalo's ("Garofalo") access to all CME Group markets, including the CME Globex platform, all trading floors owned or controlled by CME Group, and all clearing platforms owned or controlled by CME Group.  The summary access denial prohibits Garofalo, a non-member Italian citizen residing in Tunisia, from trading, placing orders (on his own or someone else's behalf), or soliciting business on any exchange owned or controlled by CME Group, including NYMEX, CME, CBOT and COMEX.  Garofalo is also precluded from affiliating or doing business with any member or member firm at NYMEX, CME, CBOT or COMEX.

      This action is based on a good faith determination that there are substantial reasons to believe that such immediate action is necessary to protect the best interests of the exchanges and their market participants.


      Pursuant to Rule 413, this access denial will remain in effect for no more than 60 days, unless the Market Regulation Departement provides Garofalo with notice that there will be a one-time extension of the access denial for 60 additional days.