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      • 30 October 2014
    • Update - CME ConfirmHub Migration

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      In Q4 2014, infrastructure enhancements to CME ConfirmHub will be implemented to improve performance and reliability.

      Migration Schedule
      Current State New State
      Environment  Domains Environment  Domain IP Address Availability
      Production https://www2.confirmhub.com/portal Production No change:
      https://www2.confirmhub.com/portal Nov. 3
      UAT https://test.confirmhub.com/portal New Release https://confirmhubnr.cmegroup.com/portal Now Available
      Staging https://staging.confirmhub.com/portal Certification https://confirmhubcert.cmegroup.com TBD

      New Release Environment Migration
      Effective Tuesday, October 21, the New Release environment will replace UAT for CME ConfirmHub.

      • Thursday, October 9: New Release environment available for parallel testing
      • End of day Friday, October 17: The UAT environment will be decommissioned
      • Monday, October 20: the New Release environment unavailable
      • Tuesday, October 21: official launch of New Release

      Please Note: As part of the migration, the configuration and data available in the existing Test environment will be migrated to the New Release environment. All configuration and data added and/or amended in the New Release environment until Monday, October 20, will be overwritten with the data and information from the UAT instance of CME ConfirmHub.
      Key Impacts

      Production Environment Migration
      Effective close of business on Friday, November 21, CME ConfirmHub will be cutover to the new production environment.

      • Monday, November 3: Production environment available for parallel limited testing
        • The environment will be populated with a historic snapshot of data to facilitate testing. In order to access the new production instance for testing, customers should target https://confirmhub.cmegroup.com.
        • The testing instance will have limited functionality;
          • DTCC and SDR Trade Reporting will not be enabled.
          • Integration with ClearPort for CME Cleared Trades will not be enabled
      • End of day Friday, November 21: The existing production environment will be decommissioned
      • Monday, November 24: official launch of Production

      Please Note: There will be no replication of data, or configuration, between both environments during the test period. All configuration and data added and/or amended in the new production environment, between 1700 EST November 3 and 2000 EST November 23 will be overwritten with the data and information from the existing production instance of CME ConfirmHub.

      During the migration, the IP addresses will change, and users may have to add a new firewall rule to connect to CME ConfirmHub. This is dependent on the customer's internal setup. CME Group recommends that users add a new firewall rule, rather than remove or amend the existing rule, in case of a roll-back during the cutover weekend.

      Key Impacts

      • The migration will happen on the weekend of October 31. The new environment will be available on Monday, November 3 for customer testing.
      • Existing URLs will be re-directed to the new production environment.
      • Users accessing the portal through their browser may notice an automatic redirection to https://confirmhub.cmegroup.com/portal.
      • Users with IP specific firewall rules will need to add a new rule for the new IP (
      • Customers testing against the new URL will be able to resolve connectivity and certificates ahead of the cutover. Customers continuing to connect via www2.confirmhub.com will have to resolve certificates on the cutover date. Both the existing and new URLs will have access to the production environment after migration.

      Deprecation of FTP Connectivity
      Effective with this launch, to provide an enhanced security experience, CME ConfirmHub will no longer support FTP connectivity. All users must leverage SFTP via port 22.


      CME ConfirmHub is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, Sunday, 6:00 p.m. - Friday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).

      Certification weekly maintenance window occurs on Tuesdays from noon - 5:00 p.m. Central Time (CT).

      New Release weekly maintenance window occurs on Wednesdays from noon - 5:00 p.m. (CT). Customers should not attempt to connect to CME ConfirmHub during the maintenance windows or after 10:00 p.m. (CT) Fridays.

      Contact ConfirmHubSupport@CMEGroup.com with any questions.