• CME ClearPort Notices: February 15, 2016

      • To
      • CME ClearPort GUI Customers
      • #
      • 20160215
      • Notice Date
      • 15 February 2016
    • New - Trade Type Opt-Out for CME ClearPort GUI and API

      Effective Sunday, February 21 (trade date Monday, February 22), an opt-out by Trade Type and Exchange may be requested in addition to the currently allowed Trade Type opt-out.

      These options allow customers to limit their trading to only those trade type or trade type and exchange combinations that they are permissioned to use. If a trade is submitted with a trade type or trade type and exchange combination that has been selected for opt-out, the trade will not pass validation, and a validation message will be sent.

      For additional information, please see Trade Type Opt Out Validations.

      To initiate a trade type opt-out, please contact Enterprise Application & System Entitlements (EASE) in the U.S. at +1 312 456 1560, Europe at +44 203 379 3802 or Asia at +65 6593 5536.

      New - RC4 Cipher Suite

      CME Group is committed to information security. To deliver the best security and customer experience, we are eliminating support of the RC4-based cipher suites for CME Group web-based applications, APIs, and services. Effective Saturday, March 12, customers using RC4 will not be able to access, connect, or establish sessions for CME Group products.

      CME Group Services

      • CME Account Manager
      • AutoCert+
      • Broker to Broker
      • Broker Payment System (BPS)
      • CME ClearPort
      • CME Cleared Trades API
      • CME ConfirmHub
      • CME Core
      • CoLo Portal
      • CME Positions Systems
      • CME DataPoint
      • Deliveries Plus System
      • CME E-Bill
      • Enterprise Reporting Portal (EREP)
      • Exchange Fee System (EFS)
      • FEC, FEC+ and FEC for OTC IRS
      • Firm Admin Dashboard (FADB)
      • Firm Regulatory Portal
      • FirmSoft
      • Galax-C Admin
      • Give-Up Payment System (GPS)
      • Global Repository Services
      • Membership Portal
      • OR Web Report
      • CME Group Risk Management Tools – 
        Globex Credit Controls (GC2), Risk Management Interface (RMI)
      • Settlements Firm
      • SMART Click
      • CME STP

      Customers following CME Group Web Browser Standards should not be impacted by this change. However, if customers connect through a proxy, they should ensure their proxy utilizes one or more of these CME Group supported ciphers:

      • TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256
      • TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256