• CME Account Manager Notices

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      • CME Account Manager Customer
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      • Global Account Management
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      • 20141223
      • Notice Date
      • 23 December 2014
    • Topics in this issue include:

      New - Enhancements to Price Banding Templates

      Effective Sunday, January 11 (trade date Monday, January 12), CME Account Manager will enhance the Price Banding template functionality to allow template changes to be applied to all firms and users in a single application. Clearing Firm Administrators will have the ability to apply changes to all firms and users that are linked to a specified template.

      Currently, template changes are applied individually to firms and users.

      • The Administrator will be able to view the list of users that have been applied when "Apply to User & Firm" is selected.  All applied firms and users will display under Selected Firms and Selected Users, respectively.
      • Updating a template will not automatically update values for any firms or users it has previously been applied to.
        • Administrators must explicitly re-apply the template to update any previously applied users and firms.

      Additional information this functionality is available in the CME Account Manager WebHelp.

      New - Changes to Close Button on the Account Tabs

      Effective Sunday, January 11 (trade date Monday, January 12), the “Close” button on the on the Accounts will be renamed “Delete”. There will be no change in current behavior.

      New - Account Bulk Uploads and Downloads

      Effective Sunday, January 11 (trade date Monday, January 12), CME Account Manager will support the bulk upload and download of CME ClearPort and CME Globex accounts to streamline account registration and status updates, using existing Account Templates. All credit controls associated with the account template will be applied to the new accounts created via the bulk upload.

      With this enhancement, Clearing Firm Administrators will be able to:

      • Upload a csv file to an existing account template from the Account Summary or the new Upload tab
        • The following column attributes are required:
          • Clearing Member firm name
          •  Account number
          • Account description
          • Account Owner
          • House/Customer Indicator
          • CTI Code
          • Seg type
          • Currency
          • Status (active or inactive)
        • The following column attributes are optional:
          • iLink session ID(s)
          • Agency Cross (Y for a Cross Account)
          • Account Type (Y for a Holding Account)
          • Asset Manager
          • Margin Master Account
            • Must be a valid account associated to the Clearing Firm and account owner.
      • Download account information for any entitled accounts and services from the Accounts tab
        • Including accounts from all Clearing Firms for which you are permissioned
        • Columns in the download file will match the Account Manager GUI layout with two additional fields:
          • Existing Services: will display the services associated with each account
          • Editable: will indicate if user can edit the account with "Y" or "N"

      Please Note: If the specified account owner has a Trading Firm and Asset Manager relationship, the relationship will be applied but will not be displayed for the bulk uploaded accounts.