• CME ClearPort API Enhancement Decline Reason

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      • CME ClearPort API Customers
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      • 20140711
      • Notice Date
      • 11 July 2014
      • Effective Date
      • 13 July 2014
    • Effective Sunday, July 13, 2014 (trade date Monday, July 14, 2014), CME ClearPort API users will have the ability to provide an optional reason for a decline of an alleged single-side message. This enhancement to the CME ClearPort API will allow the user submitting the Decline instruction to specify the reason in the Trade Capture Report level Reject Text (RejTxt) attribute. The Decline reason will then be visible on the Trade Capture Report status message returned to the submitter (automatically via MQ and upon request via HTTPS).

      Please note the RejTxt attribute can contain up to 1024 maximum number of characters. If reason exceeds the limit, the system will truncate the remaining message.

      The examples of single-side decline messages are available online.

      These changes are currently available for customer testing in New Release.

      If you have questions, please contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET) in the U.S. at +1 312 930 2322, in Europe at +44 20 3379 3803, or in Asia at +65 6593 5593.