• UPDATE- SDR-related changes to the ClearPort API for EFS/EOO and EFR

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      • CME ClearPort API (CPAPI) Users
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      • 20130213
      • Notice Date
      • 13 February 2013
    • The changes mentioned below, with regards to EFS/EOO and EFR transactions, specifically, are now
      scheduled for productiondeployment on Sunday, February 24, 2013 (for the February 25th business date).  The functionalityto support SDR submissions and Real-Time Reporting of the bilateral component of EFS/EOO and EFR
      transactions remain available for testing in the New Release environment.  CME Group strongly encourages ClearPort API users to start testing thisfunctionality in New Release right away, if they have not already done so, to ensure there will be no negative impacts to their proprietary trading systems when the changes are live in production on
      February 24th.

      SDR-related changes to support Commodities swap transactions -The ClearPort API now supports additional fields required for market participants (and serviceproviders to them) to use the ClearPort gateway to send real-time (RT) and/or primary economicterms (PET) to CME Repository Service (SDR).  Swap transactions (as defined by Dodd-Frank) traded on CME’s Designated Contract Markets (NYMEX, COMEX, CME, and CBOT) or off-exchange markets pursuant
      to DCM rules which are accepted for clearing will be reported to CME SDR by CME Clearing.

      Relevant trades types submitted to CME for clearing which are impacted include EFS/EOO and EFR (in the aforementioned DCMs), with CME Equity Index Futures and CME Equity Index Options on Futures as the only exceptions (participants must report these transactions directly to an approved SDR).

      The bilateral component of EFS/EOO/EFR trades submitted through the ClearPort API will automatically be sent to CME SDR. Once accepted for Clearing as a futures position, no further SDR reporting occurs.

      For additional business context on these changes please refer to Clearing Advisory 13-050.

      New SDR-related attributes and ClearPort API-specific changes for swap transactions - The ClearPort API will support a number of new attributes to facilitate reporting of bilateral swap transactions by CME Clearing to the CME SDR.  The associated changes will also allow CME SDR Users to report RT and/or PET data on bilateral swap transactions.  Each is listed in the table below with a description of its usage and syntax.

      Additional details on these changes is available online.