• CME ClearPort API Enhancements (SDR-related Changes for CDS)

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      • CME ClearPort API Customers
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      • CME ClearPort API
      • #
      • 20121014
      • Notice Date
      • 14 October 2012
      • Effective Date
      • 14 October 2012
    • NOTICE TO ALL CME ClearPort API (CPAPI) v2.0 users

      Date:   October 11, 2012

      Re:     ClearPort API Enhancements (including SDR-related changes for Credit Default Swaps)

      As a reminder, please be advised of the following changes to the ClearPort API, which are currently scheduled for production deployment on October 14, 2012 (for the October 15th business date) and are now available for testing in the New Release environment.

      Also, please note the following updates to the original notice:

      The original version of this notice contained a typo with regards to the Block Trade Allocation Indicator. The

      FIXML representation of this field is BlckTrdAllocInd,,  not BlkTrdAllocInd as previously indicated.

      If a Credit Default Swap trade is submitted over the ClearPort API and CME is specified as the Initial / Bilateral SDR (or CME was defaulted as the Initial / Bilateral SDR because one was not specified) the Regulatory Report Type will be defaulted to 1 (PET only) if not specified, not 4 (RT-PET) as previously indicated.

      If a counterparty to a Credit Default Swap trade has not yet registered their LEI / CICI with CME Group, a temporary 20-byte identifier (starting with prefix the “CME”) will be generated for that firm and returned as the LEI / CICI for that firm on outbound trade status reports.

       Party Role now optional for Asset Manager Firms and Active Trading Firms-  Currently, Asset Manager Firms and Active Trading Firms must be specified on inbound trade submissions (using Party Role 7). Going forward, Asset Manager Firm and Active Trading Firm identifiers will no longer be required.  If an Asset Manager Firm is assigned to the account(s) then ClearPort will interpret this as an Asset Managed side and indicate that firm as the Asset Manager on outbound trade confirmations.  If no Asset Manager Firm is assigned to the account(s), and the Account Owner Firm(s) has Active Trading rights, then ClearPort will interpret this as an Active Trader side and indicate that firm is the Active Trader on outbound trade confirmations.  Please Note- If a specified account has an Asset Manager Firm assigned to it, then the Account Owner Firm cannot be the principal on that side, even if it has Active Trading rights.

      Party Role 49 now supported for Asset Manager Firms-  Going forward, if the Asset Manager Firm is specified on an inbound trade submissions, Party Role 49 should be used.  Please Note-  Regardless of whether the Asset Manager was specified using Party Role 49, Party Role 7, or was not specified at all, the Asset Manager Firm will be identified on outbound trade confirmations using Party Role 49.


      New SDR-related attributes-  The ClearPort API will support a number of new attributes related to the CME Swap Data Repository (SDR), as required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act).  Initially these attributes will only be supported for Credit Default Swaps, but will later be applicable to other Asset Classes as swaps within those Asset Classes become eligible for SDR Reporting:


      Additional information is available online.