• REVISED: Reminder - SMART Click Migration: Positions - June 15, 2015

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      • CME Clearing
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      • 15-163
      • Notice Date
      • 15 June 2015
      • Effective Date
      • 15 June 2015
    • Over the past few months, CME has begun rolling out SMART Click – our new and simpler method to access all CME Group online applications.  Beginning on Monday, June 15, you can begin using SMART Click for Positions.

      The new single login address to remember is https://login.cmegroup.com.  Below is the simple process to maintain your access to Positions:

      1)     If you have not already done so, register for a SMART Click ID at www.cmegroup.com/smartclick

      2)    Activate your SMART Click ID.

      3)   Claim & Link your Legacy ID to your SMART Click ID.  To do this, login to CME or CCE direct links to Position applications at:

      a.     CME: https://positions.cmegroup.com

      b.    CCE: https://positions-cce.cmegroup.com

      4)  If you do not have your SMART Click ID setup, you can select to Login with Legacy ID to the direct Position links above. You have until July 15th to migrate the legacy ID to SMART Click.

      Here is the link to the SMART Click FAQ document for a more detailed overview of the process:  http://www.cmegroup.com/clearing/files/cme-smartclick-claim-faq.pdf

      Additionally, SMART Click for Positions New Release is available today.  Access via the portal is no longer available for Positions. Claim & Link your Legacy ID to your SMART Click ID the same way as production using the following links.

      CME NR:  https://loginnr.cmegroup.com/sso/navmenu.action?app=positions-nr-external_NEWREL

      CCE NR:  https://loginnr.cmegroup.com/sso/navmenu.action?app=positions-nr-external_NEWREL-CCE

      Please be aware that after July 15th SMART Click ID use for Positions will be mandatory and legacy IDs will no longer be valid.

      SMART Click Migration Coming Soon for these applications (tentative dates)

      • 6/28 – FEC & FEC+

      For SMART Click support, troubleshooting or if you miss the claim deadline use one of the following:

      • Phone: 312.456.1560 (United States)

      • Phone: +44 203.379.3802 (Europe)

      • Phone: +65 6593.5536 (Asia)

      • Email: EASE_Clearing_Application_Request@cmegroup.com


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