• CME-CH.COM migration to CME CORE

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      • SPAN Software Users
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      • CME Clearing
      • #
      • 14-225
      • Notice Date
      • 10 June 2014
      • Effective Date
      • 10 June 2014
    • Effective Tuesday, June 10, 2014, the following software and documentation that was available through cme-ch.com is now available in CME CORE: 

      ·         CME Optimizer

      ·         PC – SPAN

      ·         SPAN Risk Manager

      ·         SPAN RM Clearing

      ·         SPAN COM Interface

      ·         SPAN DOT NET Interface

      ·         SPAN Framework


      Please note, all users will be able to access their software after claiming their legacy permissions in CME CORE’s Download Center. 


      Accessing the latest version of your software is easy through CME CORE. 

      1)     Create a SMART Click ID if you do not already have one

      a.     See steps below for creating one

      2)     Log into CME CORE here: https://cmecore.cmegroup.com/core/index.html

      3)     Go the Download Center à Software

      a.     PC SPAN will be available (no purchase necessary)

      b.    All customers can claim their legacy software in CME CORE by entering their cme-ch.com user name and password into CME CORE’s software download center




      Steps for creating a SMART Click ID:


      1)     Go to the CME CORE login screen: https://cmecore.cmegroup.com/core/index.html

      2)     Click on the "Need to Register" link and provide the required information.

      3)     Receive your SMART Click ID.


      Please reach to EASE_Globex_Request@cmegroup.com with any questions about creating a SMARTCLICK ID. 

      Please reach out to clearing.riskmanagement@cmegroup.com with any questions about SPAN.




      CME Clearing