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      • 14 June 2013
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      • 30 June 2013
    • Effective Sunday, June 30th, for trade date Monday, July 1st, the CME Group, Inc. will harmonize the generation of the KCBT Wheat options (Clearing Code KW/Globex Code OKE) strikes prices to be consistent with the generation rules for CBOT Wheat options. Additionally, the listing cycle for KCBT Wheat futures and options will be harmonized with the listing cycle for CBOT Wheat futures and options.
      Listing Cycles
      For KCBT Wheat futures, the Exchange will list three (3) July contracts and all preceding expirations. For KCBT Wheat options, the Exchange will list three (3) consecutive month expirations and six (6) standard expirations of March (H), May (K), July (N), September (U) & December (Z).
      Strike Listings
      Specifically, trading shall be conducted for put and call options with striking prices in integral multiples of ten (10) cents per bushel for standard options and in five (5) cents per bushel for serial options and for standard options when they become the third listed contract month.

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