• NYMEX/COMEX and CME/CBOT Rule Harmonization

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      • CME Clearing
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      • 08-378
      • Notice Date
      • 03 December 2008
      • Effective Date
      • 03 December 2008
    • Over the past several months, NYMEX/COMEX clearing rules have been harmonized to the extent possible with CME/CBOT Rules.  In some circumstances, however, harmonization was not possible due to the unique characteristics of NYMEX policies or procedures.  This Advisory describes the material differences between existing CME Chapters 8 and 9 and new NYMEX/COMEX Chapters 8 and 9.  The new NYMEX/COMEX rules will become effective on December 4. 
      Set forth immediately below is a brief description of the new NYMEX/COMEX Clearing Rules that are materially different than the CME/CBOT Clearing Rules set forth in Chapters 8 and 9.  At the end of this Advisory are marked rules that show the differences between new NYMEX/COMEX Clearing Rules and CME/CBOT Clearing Rules.


      If you have any questions regarding these rule changes, please contact CME Clearing at (312) 930-3170.


      For the full-text of this advisory, including a detail of the rule change, please click here.


      For a complete set of rules that illustrate the changes, please follow the following links:

      Chapter 8

      Chapter 9